Review Process

AQOs Review Working Group

To undertake the AQOs Review, an AQOs Review Working Group (the Working Group), led by the Under Secretary for the Environment (USEN), has been formed in mid-2016. There are some 60 members from the fields of air science, health professions, green groups, academics, chambers of commerce, professional bodies and trade representatives, as well as representatives from relevant government bureaux/departments (B/Ds), including the Environment Bureau (ENB) and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) as the lead B/D, and the Development Bureau, the Transport and Housing Bureau, the Civil Engineering and Development Department, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, the Department of Health, the Marine Department, the Planning Department, and the Transport Department.

Four dedicated Sub-groups, namely Road Transportation (RT) Sub-group, Marine Transportation (MT) Sub-group, Energy and Power Generation (E&PG) Sub-group, and Air Science and Health (AS&H) Sub-group are formed under the Working Group. The first three Sub-groups were tasked with identifying possible new air quality improvement measures under their respective areas, and evaluating the practicability of implementing the possible new measures. The AS&H Sub-group focused on assessing the air quality improvements, health and economic benefits in 2025 that might result from the implementation of possible new measures, with a view to determining the possible scope for further tightening the AQOs.

Public Engagement

The EPD launched a 5-week public engagement exercise between September and October 2017, and held two public forums to solicit and gauge public views on the possible new air quality improvement measures identified. We received about 370 written submissions and most were related to air quality improvement measures which had been discussed at the E&PG Sub-group (e.g. promotion of renewable energy), MT Sub-group (e.g. use of clean fuel), and RT Sub-group (e.g. fostering pedestrian-friendly and bicycle-friendly environment).

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